Utah State University

Testing of ElectroMat with ElectroCrete at Hardware Ranch, Utah

In June 2014, we  installed four ElectroMats with ElectroCrete for an Utah State University (USU) study being conducted in conjunction with Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT).  The objective of the study is to investigate the effectiveness of alternative wildlife mitigation products in a carefully controlled study.  The ElectroMats were placed across the openning of fenced areas with an abundant wildlife population. Two of the ElectroMats are 36" wide and two are 48" wide.

 As of the end of February 2015,  the four Lampman ElectroMats with ElectroCrete have an observed repell rate > 93% even with the test areas baited to encourage the animals to cross our ElectroMats. The only noted breaches to date have occurred when the mats were covered in heavy snow which is understandable as our test mats do not have our optional snow melt system. The researchers have commented that the 36" wide mats are performing virually the same as the 48" wide mats.

A  U-Tube video of the camera images from the Hardware Ranch study has been put together by USU.  As noted in the U-Tube video, it appears that the animals sense the electrical field and most turn before even attempting to cross our ElectroMats with ElectroCrete. Those that do step on both mats are shocked and turn away without crossing.

USU and UDOT have commented very favourably on the performance of the Lampman ElectroMats with ElectroCrete and based upon the results to date, we are very confident that our newly designed ElectroMats out perform all other known wildlife mitigation systems.