What wildlife management or protection systems are available?

  • Road signage which is not effective alone
  • Traditional fences which often animals jump or climb over
  • Underpasses and over passes which are very costly and often are constructed according to terrain as opposed to animal migration patterns
  • Cattle guards which are ineffective in winter and hazardous to animals and humans alike
  • Lampman Wildlife Management Systems (Lampman) offer a total solution


What is included in the Lampman WMS total solution?

  • While our primary focus is the ElectroMat©, an innovative alternative to the cattle guard, that provides a painful but harmless shock to wildlife….
  • Lampman also is expert on the following:


What is ElectroMat©? 

  • an innovative alternative to the cattle guard
  • cost-effective compared to the price of a (double) cattle guard
  • provides a solution to the ends of a fenced highway
  • provides road, driveway, or highway access without the use of a traditional gate
  • prevents animals from getting inside the fenced right-of-way


How does ElectroMat© work?

  • provides a painful but harmless shock
  • vehicles and pedestrians with shoes can cross it, but animals cannot
  • a deactivation timer unit can be installed to shut off mat if necessary
  • manufactured from durable and recycled plastic and fiberglass lumber
  • can be powered by a mains source or by solar
  • black and yellow planks provide a contrast visual for the animal and a certain visual for the pedestrian and crossing traffic
  • snowplows can go over the ElectroMat© whereas they can’t over a cattle guard, providing more efficient road maintenance 
  • warranty provided


Why is the ElectroMat©, better than cattle guard?

  • Cattle guards fills with debris and mud
  • Cattle guards cause animals to break legs and are also hazards to humans crossing unsafely.
  • Humane and effective e mats are solid surfaces and no open areas to allow for animals to fall or injure themselves    


Does Lampman offer a Warranty?

  • Yes, a warranty is provided on all equipment.


Are people safe to cross ElectroMat©?

  • Yes they are UL and CSA approved and harmless to a human with shoes on!
  • The laws of electricity allow 2 legged creatures to cross without receiving a shock.


How are the ElectroMat© powered?

  • Solar or traditional power grid


What is a Pedestrian Deactivation Unit?

  • used in conjunction with ElectroMat© to provide pedestrians a simple method of removing (shutting off) the voltage to the mat thus allowing them or their pets to safely cross without receiving a shock
  • solar or AC powered
  • sealed battery
  • self-contained system (solar)
  • vandal resistant ADA compliant button assembly
  • warning strobe lamp and buzzer when activated
  • added warning tone prior to reactivation of the mat energizer
  • relatively maintenance free design
  • quick and affordable to install
  • wireless connection to energizer
  • green technology that improves public safety


What Is an At Grade Crosswalk?

  • provides a natural crossing and permeability for animals where they naturally migrate across a road
  • an innovative topography alternative to underpasses and overpasses
  • an affordable and cost-effective alternative or mitigation addition compared to costly crossing structures
  • provides advance warning signs for drivers thereby significantly reducing animal/vehicle collisions
  • provides significant motorist reaction (speed and braking) in response to the warning signs
  • provides increased highway safety
  • system accurately detects presence of elk and deer
  • system is reliable with minimal false positives and false negatives
  • provides a camera and video surveillance system for digital recording to provide field and study use
  • crosswalk is able to maintain wildlife permeability
  • can be used as an end-run solution to fenced right-of-ways
  • warranty provided


What is a Game Ramp or Jump Out?

  • provides an escape mechanism for animals trapped in fenced right-of-way zones
  • made of durable and recycled plastic and fiberglass lumber which will provide a maintenance free product
  • custom size to provide valuable input from highway and resource agencies
  • custom color to maintain an environmentally pleasing product
  • affordable and cost-effective compared to traditional escape ramps/jump outs


What are the fencing options available?

Wildlife Combination Fence

  • exclusion fence that combines woven wire at the bottom (for smaller critters) and electric (or nonelectric) ElectroBraid strands on top for larger wildlife.
  • black color blends into the landscape providing an environmental and visual appeal
  • can be electrified or not
  • Braid product can be replaced with high tensile wire for cost savings
  • voltage on fence can be remotely monitored
  • an innovative solution to the traditional types of highway fencing
  • affordable and cost-effective compared to many types of traditional fencing
  • frangible post provides a solution to highway requirements and road safety

StandAlone Wildlife Fence

  • effective wildlife exclusion fence
  • electric fence product certified safe under UL and CSA
  • high tensile strength and great resiliency
  • can withstand many adverse weather conditions as ElectroBraid will spring back with little or no repair
  • black color with green posting blends into the landscape maintaining visual appeal
  • Braid product can be replaced with high tensile wire for cost savings
  • voltage on fence can be remotely monitored
  • can be solar or mains powered
  • posting is frangible providing a solution to highway and road safety requirements
  • affordable and cost-effective compared to many types of traditional fencing
  • animals sense a ‘physical barrier’
  • can be installed in difficult terrain such as steep or rocky areas


What is an Electronic Escape Gate?

  • an alternative solution to provide an escape mechanism for trapped animals on fenced right-of-way zones
  • break beam detection for activation
  • electrified brass chains hang from bottom of gate to prevent animals from going under
  • made of strong aluminum
  • affordable and cost effective


Is the electric shock harmless?

  • The electric shock from a UL or CSA approved energizer is completely harmless.
  • The shock is extremely low amperage for 3/10,000 of a second, once a second.
  • The shock is similar to the static shock you get from touching your TV screen, but more painful. Once shocked, neither you, nor an animal, want to touch the mat again.